MURDER (2010)
Written in collaboration with poet Megan Levad of 1928.

Song List:

1. Incidental I
2. Father John
3. Dear Mama
4. Faster Pussycat!  Kill, Kill!
5. American Murderer
6. Incidental II
7. Guilt
8. Dula
9. Ghost-darling
10. Morning/Mourning
11. Incidental III

Duration: 50:00

Instrumentation: Two singers, piano

In this ballad cycle, two girls go on a killing spree in an old Cadillac with a mix tape full of Johnny Cash, Schubert, Marlene Dietrich, and Jacques Brel. At the end of the night, one gets the bullet, one gets the noose. In addition to blues and country, Murder incorporates elements of hymn and pre-1930s jazz standards, as well as some of American music’s most popular songs (like “9 to 5” and “The St. James Infirmary”).